Amanda Bolin

DIY Smoked Cream Cheese Board

We got in the kitchen with Porky Goodness, and let's just say lives were changed. Find out how your life can be drastically altered with this killer cream cheese board brought to you by a brand collaboration between Porky Goodness and Bear Hug Honey.

Turn the Pig Pink!

Video made for Porky Goodness and their October campaign to raise funds for those impacted by breast cancer.

Summering, but in like, a melancholy way

Okay, yes, I am still obsessed with Call Me by Your Name and, yes, I did indeed make a video trying to mimic Italian villa vibes in Georgia.

The Drink of your Dreams: Mistletoe Kiss Recipe

After watching enough instructional cocktail videos on TikTok, you too may feel inclined to become an alc-fluencer.